“The Church is called to respond to the signs of the times so that the message of the Gospel can be effectively proclaimed.  The members and Companions of the Cincinnati and Kansas City Provinces of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood gathered in Techny, Illinois to pray, dialogue, and discern how we can live our spirituality and community life today and into the future as we seek to be faithful to the charism of St. Gaspar del Bufalo and the mission of the Congregation.  We discerned that we are being called to create a new reality for the Congregation in the United States.  We believe that this new creation, in the form of a single province, will provide us with the energy, creativity, and vitality to share our spirituality in our changing context.  As a new creation we will continue our mission of the proclamation of the Word, the renewal of the Church, and the ministry of reconciliation.”

Kansas City and Cincinnati Provinces of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood

September 2017 – Techny, IL